A small revolution is about to turn the world of accountants upside down in June 2022! After intensive research, KPMG in Belgium has chosen Odoo N.V. as its preferred technology partner. The Walloon company managed to convince with its advanced technology, its understanding of our objectives and its complete and integrated business application offering.

Digitalization plays an increasingly important role in the proper functioning and competitive positioning of companies. It is therefore of utmost importance that companies equip themselves with the right software and constantly evaluate their processes in order to maintain a strong position. By doing so, and by choosing Odoo N.V. as its software partner, we have opted for a single, fully integrated platform that allows for a seamless communication and a smooth collaboration with our clients, and above all the automation of many processes.

Choosing Odoo as software also meant choosing a company that is always at the forefront of innovation, reinventing itself and integrating unique features. Thousands of companies are faced with a constantly changing industry. Odoo N.V. has therefore set itself the goal to guide them, to understand the processes and to develop the tools they need. This vision is in line with ours, as it is our mission to provide our clients, regardless of their size, with the advice and digital tools they need to successfully achieve their business goals.

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